What are the top Canadian Universities?
The following is the UnivForum ranking of Canadian Universities.  Note that this is not an academic ranking, but is completely based on how many times the name of a Canadian university is mentioned on our University Forum.
UnivForum Rankings of Canadian Universities, 2007-2014:
(Rank - Name of Univ - based on the number of threads mentioned)

Top 20:

 1. McGill University

 2. University of Toronto 

 3. Queen's University  

4. University of Waterloo  

4. University of Western Ontario 
 6. York University  

7. McMaster University 
 8. University of British Columbia (UBC) 
 9. Lakehead University 
10. University of Calgary
11. University of Alberta 
12. University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) 
13. Universite de Montreal
14. Nipissing University 

15. University of Guelph
16. Ryerson University 
17. Concordia University 
18. Carleton University 
19. University of Ottawa
20. Brock University 


The rest:
21. Simon Fraser University
22. Laurentian University 
22. University of Windsor
24. Dalhousie University 
24. Wilfrid Laurier University 
26. University of Victoria 

27. Trent University 
27. University of Saskatchewan 
29. University of Manitoba 

30. University of Sherbrooke 
31. Acadia University 
32. St. Francis Xavier University 
33. Athabasca University 
33. University of Lethbridge

35. University of Regina 

35. University of Winnipeg 
37. Brandon University 
37. Mount Allison University 

39. Memorial University of Newfoundland  

39. University of New Brunswick 

41. Bishop's University 

41. University of Moncton 


Note also that you should not base your university decision on these rankings.  If you are looking for an "academic" ranking of Canadian universities, see Macleans' rankings, THES rankings, Gourman Report Rankings, Princeton Review Rankings, etc. Also, you can ask on our student forums for more specific rankings such as MBA rankings, business school rankings, and law schools ranking, etc.









Canadian University Rankings Criteria:
The rankings are based solely on how many times the name of a Canadian university is mentioned on our forums.  Since top universities will tend to generate more discussions, they will usually rank higher.   On the other hand, many factors could possibly affect the results such as how big a university is, how many students a university happens to have on our forums, and so on.  Large universities will, in general, tend to have more students and thus generate more discussions.  And if there are a lot  of posters, on our forums, from, let's say, University A, then University A will happen to be mentioned more often, and thus rank higher. 

Note, once again, that the universities ranked here are the most commonly mentioned Canadian universities on our Canadian University Forums,  and not necessarily the best.  Note also that even though this is not an academic ranking, it still gives an estimate of how popular a university is since there will usually be more discussions about popular universities.  Also, if you are looking for more specific rankings such as "Ontario university rankings," "Quebec university rankings," "Alberta university Rankings," etc., or even more specifically, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, etc. universities rankings, you could form those based on our rankings list.  For degree related rankings, such as rankings of law schools, computer science schools, and business universities, or even like undergraduate versus graduate school rankings, see our student forums.

You can think of these rankings like the Webometrics rankings which rank (world) universities based on their Internet existence/popularity. Univforum rankings, on the other hand, do the same solely based on universities' existence/popularity on forums.

These rankings were most recently updates on February 1st, 2014. The next rankings will be made in 2015.  However, at any time, one can get a rough estimate of how the rankings will be by using the "search" function on the forum, thereby checking in how many threads a university is mentioned.  When doing this, take into account universities' different names. read more




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